Arbitration is a means of resolving disputes, generally involving commissions and compensation, which arise out of business relationships between brokers. REALTOR® Association members are required to Arbitrate, rather than litigate, disputes, pursuant to Article 17 of the Code of Ethics. Contact MCAR for more information, at 610-260-9931 or

The local Association administrates the Arbitration proceeding, which requires that parties attend a professional standards hearing. The hearing panel is made up of REALTORS® who determine which party should be awarded the amount in dispute.

Prior to the professional standards hearing being held, the parties to an arbitration proceeding will be offered the opportunity to Mediate their dispute. Mediation is provided at no cost to parties to an arbitration proceeding and can result in a win-win situation for the brokers. Click here to learn about the advantages of mediation over the arbitration.  If Mediation is not successful, or if the brokers do not wish to attempt to Mediate, then the hearing is held as scheduled and the outcome is determined by the hearing panel.

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To initiate Arbitration involving a member of MCAR, brokers must complete a Request for Arbitration Form #A-1 and submit to MCAR with the appropriate fee.

NOTE: MCAR members who wish to file for Arbitration involving a broker from a neighboring REALTOR® Association must file with that Association.

Click here to obtain the Request for Arbitration Form #A-1