Buyer/Seller Dispute

The Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® Home Buyer/Home Seller Dispute Resolution System mediation program provides an affordable means for parties involved in a real estate transaction to resolve any financial disputes that may arise. Mediation is a process through which the parties, usually the buyer and the seller, meet with a trained professional and attempt to resolve their dispute outside of the courts.

Although the vast majority of real estate transactions close without incident, the possibility that a problem or dispute will occur cannot be eliminated. Generally, these difficulties are successfully resolved through normal channels of communication and negotiation. Your real estate broker or agent can provide valuable assistance in this regard. Occasionally, a dispute arises which cannot be resolved through negotiation. In the past, when negotiations failed, parties took their cases to court. Court costs, attorney’s fees and long delays have made traditional litigation an unattractive method of resolving disputes. These problems can be avoided through the Home Buyers/Home Sellers Dispute Resolution System mediation program, which is administrated locally through the Montgomery County Association of REALTORS®.

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Dispute Resolution System Instructions and Transmittal Form