clientuploads/directory/montgomerycounty/demographics.jpgThe 2016 updated estimates from the  U.S. Census show 821,725 people living in Montgomery County, PA. Of those, 80.6% are White, 9.5% are Black or African American, 0.2% are American Indian and Alaska Native, 7.6% are Asian, 2.0% are two or more races and 4.9% are Hispanic or Latino. Nearly 90% of the population has lived in the same house for one or more years.

Foreign-born persons make up 10.2% of the county and 13.2% speak a language other than English in their home.

Ninety-three percent of the county has a high school diploma and 46.2% of the population holds a bachelor's degree or higher.

According to the Census, there were 45,744 veterans living in the county. More than half the county is female at 51.4% and 16.8% of the population is 65 years or older.

In 2015, there were 328,589 housing units with a 72.6% homeownership rate in the county. The median value of owner-occupied housing units is $292,300, with 307,953 households in the county comprised of 2.56 persons per household.

The median income for a household is $80,675. The per capita income for the county is $42,275. About 6.6% of the population was  below the poverty line.

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