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SUPRA Electronic Lockbox Service
MCAR offers a variety of Supra Lockbox System products to protect your client’s home during the buying and selling process. Through MCAR, the system covers Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Philadelphia and Lehigh County at no additional charge.

Newly-issued eKeys and/or upgrades from ActiveKeys
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Supra’s eKey™ software turns your smartphone into a lockbox key and brings a set of useful tools to your business. With eKey, you can send and receive real-time information such as showing notifications using your smartphone’s internet connection, manage lockboxes and track them by MLS ID, address, and keybox number, customize iBox™ settings and change shackle codes and set specific hours, browse SupraWEB on your smartphone, and send showing feedback while still at the house with the potential buyer.

Cost: eKey Basic -- $14.74 per month, billed automatically through SUPRA.

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Active Key
The Supra ActiveKEY™ is designed to be active and ready to open lockboxes when you go to use it.
The ActiveKEY updates itself automatically and sends information about showings to the Supra network using its cellular radio. Showing notices are also delivered to the ActiveKEY over cellular networks or to an optional email address so a listing agent can know right away when a property has been shown. The easy-to-read display window and the backlit keypad make it easy to use the ActiveKEY even in low light. A built-in flashlight illuminates dark doorways and entrances, and an optional car charger is available for recharging the ActiveKEY on the way to a showin

Cost: $199.66 per year, billed annually via SUPRA.

The ActiveKEY is prorated monthly. 2017-2018 prorated amounts are:

January 2018 $126.46
February 2018 $108.40
March 2018 $90.32
April 2018 $72.26
May 2018 $54.20
June 2018 $36.14

ActiveKey Overview
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The iBox™ is the original Supra infrared keybox. Infrared technology allows DisplayKEYs, ActiveKEYs, and most smartphones to access the listing keys stored in the iBox key container. Real estate agents can simply point and beam their electronic key or eKEY™ enabled smartphone at the iBox to interact with it. Each time an iBox is opened, both the key and iBox record the date, time and the identity of the keyholder. The information is delivered to Supra’s secure database and can be obtained using SupraWEB. The listing agent can also read the iBox to view recent access information.

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Get the most from your ActiveKey and eKey.

ActiveKEY Quick Start Manual
Sending Text Alerts to a Cell Phone
Accessories for your Supra Lockbox System including cables, wall and car chargers, and pouch can be ordered here.