Member Orientation

As the final step in achieving REALTOR® status, this mandatory yet informative and interactive class will introduce you to the exclusive products, professional development programs and services extended to you through your MCAR membership, and offer you an opportunity to network with fellow new members. Most importantly, New Member Orientation will acquaint you with NAR’s Code of Ethics. As you pledge to abide by NAR’s Code, your transformation from licensed real estate salesperson to REALTOR® will be complete and you will leave New Member Orientation with the coveted REALTOR® pin and the privilege to use the REALTOR® term and logo in your professional endeavors.

2017 New Member Orientation Dates are:.

Wednesday, January 18
Wednesday, July 19
Thursday, February 16
Thursday, August 17
Wednesday, March 22
Wednesday, September 20
Thursday, April 20
Thursday, October 19
Wednesday, May 10
Wednesday, November 15
Thursday, June 15
Thursday, December 21

2018 New Member Orientation Dates are:.

Wednesday, January 17
Wednesday, July 18
Thursday, February 15
Thursday, August 16
Wednesday, March 14
Wednesday, September 19
Thursday, April 19
Thursday, October 18
Wednesday, May 9
Wednesday, November 14
Thursday, June 14
Thursday, December 20

All classes are 8:30am - 3:15 pm | lunch provided